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The vibrant


Titazen carries all the mastery of Zanetti Moda tailors. It believes in the study and research of fine and original materials, distorting the classic and composed taste. Titazen stands out for the gritty cut that makes each outfit unique.

Your passepartout

The creations adapt perfectly to any shape and need of comfort.

The minimalist design and careful attention to details makes Titazen your very own personal passport to any occasion.
The main company Zanetti moda, with more than 50 years of experience, has always been at the forefront in style research: first with the world of shirts and then with the total look, Zanetti dresses women through fabrics, models and accessories always in step with the trends of the sector.


A colorful spring

of energy.

The SS22 collection is a call to determination and femininity. Lights and shadows, satins and viscoses come together harmoniously in a game of contrasts between colors and fabrics.

Are you

a new
brand to

Overcome the ordinary.
Live the experience of Titazen.